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Danish Maritime Pilots (DMP) is established in 2020 as an association to support the professional and political interests of all Danish pilots, both nationally and internationally.

The aims of the association are:


- to take care of both the development and maintenance of the profession of all Danish maritime pilots, with the aim to preserve, secure and increase the safety of navigation on Danish maritime territory with adjacent international waters and outside Danish maritime territory.

- to defend and develop the professional, economic, social, and work environment interests of the members vis-à-vis the state, municipalities, employers, and authorities as well as national and international institutions by negotiating agreements, collective bargaining agreements, and other assistance.

- to work for the external interests of the members in relation to the authorities and the public on a party-politically independent basis.

- to raise financial resources for and launch projects and activities that can highlight, among other things, the importance of maritime pilots in the maritime industyr an society in general.



If you are considering a membership or if you want to learn more about us - please contact us on (+45) 23 88 11 71 , WhatsApp (same number) or

Tugboats assisting container cargo ship
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